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What Is Memory Anyway?

Memory is everything that you can recall, but it also includes everything that you have ever seen, heard or touched. Your memory includes everywhere you’ve ever been and everything you’ve ever done. Your memory includes things you use on a daily basis and things you long since "forgotten". It’s all in there. Memory is the total history of your very existence!

The study of memory is the study of humanity and it is something that has intrigued scientists, philosophers and every day folks like you and I throughout all history. Amazingly, while scientist and everyday people know a great deal about what a memory actually is, just how memories work is still a mystery.

A (Very) Brief History of the Study of Memory

It’s incredible because memory has been studied for as long as we have written records, but we still don’t know exactly how it works.

The first serious study into the subject that we know about was done by Plato. Aristotle wrote about it and developed some interesting theories. Through the years such luminaries as Descartes, Kant, Locke, Hume and Darwin have all had their turn wondering about how we remember things.

The modern age of science brought a deeper investigation into memory and the brain.

Much of the study of memory is directed towards how we learn and how to remember things we’ve learned, which is why so much of memory improvement is focused on learning techniques to remember specific things.

Unfortunately, improving our day-to-day memory, the kind of memory that has the biggest impact on our quality of life, is sadly neglected in the scientific literature.

What Is a Bad Memory

Elephants are not the kings of the savannah when it comes to memory capacity. While they do have great memories, even someone who thinks they have a terrible memory could beat even the smartest elephant in memory skills.

Of course, you aren’t interested in outsmarting elephants, you want to stop forgetting where yo put your keys or when your partner’s birthday is.

While a person’s IQ is fairly fixed throughout their lives, your ability to remember things and how much you can learn is unlimited.

A bad memory is a label that we stick on ourselves, or others, when we find ourselves repeatedly forgetting things, like where we put our glasses or a conversation from a week before. Perhaps you’ve thrown up your hands and declared yourself as having a defective memory.

The truth is there are very few people who have a truly “bad memory”. A rare condition does exist called anterograde amnesia. These poor souls simply can’t register new memories and like you’d seen in a movie, each day is almost a blank slate.

However, even these people still make some types of memories. It is really impossible to not make memories at all. So you can stop telling yourself you have a bad memory you don’t! But it most certainly can be better.

During the next 30 days, not only can you learn how to significantly improve your memory, but you will learn a great deal about how the mind works. You have all the “hardware” you need, you just need to get that beautiful brain reaching its full potential.

What Memory Super Stars Can Teach Us

Every year there is a contest where people compete for title of World Memory Champion. What is no surprise is that nearly every winner has said that they were not born with an exceptional memory. They started at all different ages.

When it comes to memory super stars, indeed some people have been born with nearly perfect memories, but this nearly always shown to be a form of autism and comes with many challenges in the individuals life. Nearly everyone else that has an amazing memory has developed it.

Why Most Memory Training Can Be Completely Useless

Unfortunately memory training is fairly useless for improving your life. This is because like much of the studying of memory it is focused on things that are easy to test. Recalling new words, memorising lists, reciting poetry.

Most training programs, perhaps you’ve tried one in the past, are generally based on a system of “pegging” thoughts. Similar to putting a tent peg in the ground, they want you to associate a thought with something you know really well, like a place or object in your home. These are called “Loci” or Memory Palace systems.

This indeed can be great for memorising decks of cards or even for remembering people’s names. But generally what we need is just an overall better memory form day to day. Remember what was said, by whom. Remember what we need to do, what we’ve learned and what we are asked. More than anything, remember our lives in the detail and with the emotion that we experience them in.

This course is focused on improving your overall memory, not on becoming a memory champion. By the end of the 30 days you will have a much, much better overall memory, which has real impact on your quality of life, not just something to impress people at parties.

We will cover the basics of the Loci system and a few others, but these are bonus emails and not part of the core training.

A Forgotten Memory System

A young absent minded man sat at the table, frustrated and upset. He was totally frustrated with his memory. He knew he would be blocked from reaching his dream because of it.

He told this story to a reporter, “My memory was awful. I could remember nothing. Dates, names, appointments, faces—everything escaped me.” He had recounted, “I will never be successful, for I can’t remember anything.”

Why was this man being interviewed? In fact, it was because of the interest people had in this man’s extraordinary memory. This man started from the depths of frustration to being recognised as someone that others wanted to know how he had such a phenomenal memory.

His memory was so exceptional:

The most amazing part about the origins of the 15-Minute Memory Mastery system is that it started as a suggestion from the wife of this man. Her simple suggestion uncovered a truth that science has firmly established: That our capacity to remember is unlimited and that if we will train our minds, with a deceptively simple technique, we can develop an memory that is near superhuman.

The man’s name was Thurlow Weed and he helped put four presidents in the White House. His technique has been largely forgotten, but it is just as powerful now as it was when it helped him transform his memory from simply awful to extraordinary and it can do the same for you!

Simple Yet Powerful, Even for Children

Do you want to give your children a true advantage that you never had? Do you want to help them excel at school and launch past their class mates?

The Memory Mastery System is so simple that it can be done with children as young as six.

You probably already want to hear about their day, but instead of listening with “half an ear” as the saying goes, you can use the Memory Mastery System to give your kids a secret weapon at school An amazing memory.

Not only that you will improve your relationship with them at the same time.

Also, by doing it with them, you will have more insight into using the program on yourselves.

So how do you not only improve your memory, but supercharge it so that you remember everything important in your life?

Over the next 30 days you’ll learn the simple technique requiring almost no effort more than talking and writing that will make you into a memory pro.

What To Expect Over the 30 Days

Step 1

Each day, for 30 days, you will receive your memory mastery assignment.

Step 2

You need to spend 15 minutes every evening doing the assignments, when you are done you need to click the link in the email to trigger the next days assignment.

Step 3

Every few days you bonus materials that will be interesting for understanding how to improve your memory

What Will You See in the Emails?

Every day each email begins with insights, tips and recommendations related to daily exercise. Using clear and simple language to explain the key elements to significantly improving your memory.

These insights are followed by the daily assignment.

Each email has a link to click when you complete it. When you click this link we will prepare the email for the next day. It’s critical that you take time each day.

If something happens and you miss a few days, it’s no problem to start over again.

The emails start with some tips an insight about improving your memory. It’s only a few paragraphs of things to think about or focus on. Written in a simple way to help you understand your mind and your memory.

The 15-Minute Memory Mastery System

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